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Our Scents

Come away with us— explore familiar places, remember forgotten moments. Get lost in the scents that have shaped your fondest memories.

A soft scent of a smokey wood resin with hints of bergamot, citron and neroli.
A fresh, light, green tea infused scent with a hint of lemon
Zen Garden
Cotton sheets dried naturally in the sun.
Light mint with a background of vanilla
Mountain Pass
A soothing blend of essential lemon oil with notes of fig and green tea.
Golden Hour
Orange zest, greens, jasmine, orchid vanilla & undertones of rosewood, sandalwood & musk.
Adobe Sunset
Inspired by the Mediterranean, a scent with notes of cinnamon, cranberry and citrus
Moroccan Tile
Blood orange sweetened with mouthwatering red fruits - strawberry, raspberry, and juicy mandarin
Orchard Lane
Sweet, fresh-picked pomegranate with undertones of allspice and a hint of nutmeg
Pompeii Cider
Fresh berries and citrus combine with honeysuckle and musk
Tuscan Sun
Sweet jasmine and violet with undertones of sandalwood for a "not-too-sweet" fresh floral
Garden Party
Citrus, fruit and geranium combine with undertones of wood, musk and a hint of Jamaican Rum
Strong, rich wood tones of mahogany, cedarwood and oak are laced with lavender and geranium
Trophy Room
Woodsy aroma of a pinon pine forest - wonderful anytime, but especially inviting during the fall and holidays
English Pine
An uplifting blend of bergamot and peppermint pure essential oils
Spa Day
A fresh and exciting blend of tropical fruits, sugared citrus and jasmine all on a background of forest greens
Rain Forest
Pear, peach nectar, and wild berries are mixed with notes of apple blossom and jasmine in a vanilla orchid base
Heal the City Hope
Dipped in our signature waxes and individually wrapped, you can sample the entire Circle 21 Candle line
Scent Sampler
Simple sweet smell of gardenia in bloom.
Relaxing and soothing amberwood and musk with top notes of red tea.
Lively blend of saffron and red cedar with just a touch of fig.
Spicy pumpkin puree on a background of Tonka Bean and vanilla